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Join Pitchly's VP of Client Value Allison Nussbaum for a quick peek at Pitchly's Data Enablement Platform!

This on demand webinar shows you how to create and populate a database, update and add records, build a filtered search and create a proposal that includes tombstones and bios.

You should tune in if you:

  • Are tired of chasing down data and would rather spend your time on strategy.
  • Need a better solution to collect, manage and activate your firm’s experience.
  • Are struggling with creating tombstones, logo slides or any asset that relies on information that is dynamic-not static.
  • Are passionate about staying at the forefront of innovation in legal marketing.


Tired of chasing down data?

What Our Clients Say


"We knew we had to update in order to satisfy all of our needs. Our old process was not allowing us to track specifics, and gathering all the data from the attorneys for proposals was very difficult. Pitchly has helped us immediately, specifically gathering and pre-populating the relevant data from our various sources (Excel and PDFs) to give us a running start."

Sheenika Gandhi, Director of Marketing | Greenberg Glusker