Data Enablement 101 eBook

How to put your data to work & why it matters

Data Enablement is here to stay. Have you discovered how it differs from the other data-driven disciplines?

In this eBook, we'll give you the tools to understand what it's all about and how to implement the strategies in your organization to power scalable growth.


What you'll learn in Data Enablement 101:

  • What is Data Enablement?

  • The differences between Data Enablement vs. Management vs. Governance

  • Why it's so crucial - including risks of not implementing and the opportunities of enabled data

  • The best strategies for Data Enablement

  • What to look for in Data Enablement software


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Why do you need to know about Data Enablement?

Make better strategic decisions with data management software


The world's largest firms, from Gartner to IBM, are talking about Data Enablement as the secret to success.

Data-driven organizations


Data-driven organizations are 23X more likely to acquire new customers & 19X more likely to be profitable.

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1/3 of industry professionals say that the right technologies for data collection and analysis are essential to understand customers.

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